the only bad workout is the one that didn't happen I made this blog because I believe in living a healthy lifestyle. Everyone has the power to change their life one step at a time. Making one healthy change a day makes a big difference in your life. I like to run and do yoga to stay fit and healthy. Feel free to ask me anything! Eat well, laugh often, live longer :) none of these photos are mine unless otherwise stated
→ Forever 21 Haul!!!


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My YouTube Channel!!


I’m super excited to announce the launch of my YouTube channel!! I’ll be posting videos about fashion, DIY, beauty, hauls of all kinds,and more! Make sure to go subscribe and if there’s any video requests you have feel free to let me know! Thanks guys! :)

YouTube channel!!

Hey everyone! I’ve recently started a YouTube channel so it would be awesome if y’all could go subscribe! It’s about fashion, DIY, makeup and more! :)

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